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Morganís Rock Hacienda & Ecolodge is more than just a hotel or luxury resort. It is a unique and natural haven for the true traveler who is looking for a touch of luxury while enjoying the adventure and excitement of an exotic and tropical destination. But most importantly, it is a project of nature conservation, community development and reforestation offering Agro- and Ecotourism at its best.

Enjoy the solitary companionship of one of Nicaragua 's most beautiful beaches while slipping back into your spacious private bungalow overlooking Pacific sunsets and tropical wildlife. Relearn how to play with time.


Morganís Rock is located near the town of San Juan del Sur, which lies just north of Guanacaste , Costa Rica , south from the colonial city of Granada and about two hours and a half from the city of Managua , ( Nicaragua 's capital). Morganís Rock is the ideal extension to your vacation in Costa Rica since it can be easily reached by air or ground transport. The hacienda is located within easy driving distance from southern Nicaragua's most prominent tourist attractions: the colonial town of Granada, los Pueblos Blancos handcrafts market, the Masaya Volcano National Park, Lake Nicaragua and the unique Ometepe Island boasting two volcanoes on one island.

Ecotourism and Agrotourism

Morganís Rock will take you back to the roots of our daily bread, reminding you that food doesnít grow in supermarkets, but instead created by "Mother EarthísĒ magic and the dedication of the people working the land. Savor natureís flavors and enjoy eating our locally grown foods, where about 70 percent is grown on the hacienda. And a freshly caught fish is just a beachfront away!

While enjoying the local flavors, you will also engage in a vital learning experience about reforestation and tree farming, both practiced in the hacienda. Whatís more, by becoming part of this pioneer project you can help save the last tropical forests both locally and ultimately worldwide.

  • Tree Farming:
    Morganís Rock has planted over 1.5 million precious, tropical hardwood trees in the past four years.
  • Reforestation:
    Morganís Rock has begun an ambitious reforestation program. Almost 100,000 native hardwood trees have been planted in the hacienda of which none will ever be cut or touched by us.
  • Sugar Mill (Trapiche)
    Morganís Rock has a functioning antique trapiche or sugar milll, running in the hacienda.
  • Organic Shrimp Farming:
    Organic shrimp are being raised for Morganís Rockís restaurantís consumption. In many shrimp farms, the shrimp are fed industrial animal food, which in some cases, gives them a funny taste.
  • Dairy Farm:
    The hacienda has its own cows, providing fresh, whole milk (cows don't do skim milk). With this milk are made a variety of milk derivatives, among them yogurt, cheese, ice cream and butter used for the restaurantís consumption.
  • Traditional Fishing:
    The fishing grounds in front of Morgan's Rock provide a fresh variety of fish for our guests to sample at the hotelís restaurant.
  • Flowers & Butterflies
    The hacienda boasts a colorful flower and butterfly farm. Only the flowers found inside the farm are used for decorating the hotel, in this way avoiding random cutting throughout the property or much less flowers found in the forest. Apart from being beautiful to observe and interesting to learn about, butterflies are being reproduced on the farm for exporting their cocoons to other butterfly farms around the world.
  • Fruit Trees:
    Over 5,000 fruit trees have been planted throughout the property, offering you a delicious selection of fresh fruits everyday.
  • Grains & Vegetables
    Not only has Morganís Rock created a partially self-sufficient grain and vegetable hacienda, but also fashioned a sophisticated irrigation system based on a wastewater treatment plant that eventually produces clean water.
  • Free Range Animals
    A variety of animals are raised for the restaurantís consumption. All animals, including cows, chickens, venison and lambó the prior two being rare delicacies in Central Americaó are raised under "free range" methods and are not fed industrial animal food.
  • Other products - Coffee Plantations and Novelty Coffee Plants
    The owners of Morgan's Rock Hacienda & Ecolodge own coffee plantations in Matagalpa, located in northern Nicaragua.

Hacienda Morgan's Rock is practicing responsible Ecotourism by:

  • Utilizing tourism to protect endangered primary forest wilderness.
  • Educating and motivating guests to become actively involved in conservation, education and forest preservation.
  • Creating a sustainable development project that will help the local community by offering employment and education.
  • Supporting the reforestation project on the property.
  • Protecting wildlife and reintroducing nearly extinct animal species into the private reserve.

Almendro, caoba, cedro, eucalipto, guapinol, laurel y nogalÖ beautiful sounding Spanish names that have been worked into the structure of the Morganís Rockís bungalows. The latter are all tropical woods that were used to build the fifteen bungalows at Morganís Rock Hacienda and Ecolodge. All proceed from responsibly managed logging sources or reforestation projects in Nicaragua , ensuring artistic yet ecologically responsible built bungalows.

All fifteen bungalows face west, letting you revere dramatic sunsets disappear into the Pacific Ocean . Most bungalows sit on a cliff overlooking the private bay and estuary. While they have been soundly designed to offer shelter from rain, sun or wind, each bungalow breathes nature. Some may have a tree growing out through the roof but all enjoy an indoor beach garden hosting your own private outdoor shower.

All hotel bungalows feature one king size bed, a comfortable sofa bed and a private deck. The architect has carefully used mainly local materials and the wooden furniture was custom made by local artisans. Even the quaint lamps have been made out of recycled wood from a former cattle ranch at Morganís Rock Eco Lodge! The bungalows at the lodge are connected to the main lodge by an awesome 110-meter suspension bridge crossing a forested canyon.

Following, you can read all about the magnificent woods that were used to build the bungalows at the resort. Remember, all come from reforestation or certified logging projects in Nicaragua .

  • Eucalyptus (Eucalypto) for structural posts.
  • Walnut (Nogal) for structure.
  • Jatoba (Guapinol) for the roofís structure.
  • Almond Tree (Almendro) for floor.
  • Cordia (Laurel) for door and window frames.
  • Mahogany (Caoba) for decoration and details.
  • Royal Cedar (Cedro) for matchboarding.
  • Teak (teka) for furniture.

01 July - 31 Oct '04
16 May - 31 Oct '05
US$ 181 US$ 151 US$ 116 US$ 101 US$ 76
01 Nov -14 Dec '04
06 Jan-15 May '05
US$ 215 US$ 179 US$ 144 US$ 126 US$ 90
15 Dec '04 - 5 Jan '05
US$ 255 US$ 209 US$ 168 US$ 147 US$ 105

Children (10 years or younger) pay half price for transfers, tours, and the food package.


  • Room
  • 3 multi-course meals daily
  • local beverages
  • taxes
  • service charge
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