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El Remanso is that rare eco-tourist vacation that blends the wonders of the jungle rainforest with next to the beach accommodations. We are located by the Osa National Wildlife Refuge, on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, one of the world's greatest ecologically diverse areas. Come and see what El Remanso and the Osa peninsula can offer you!


El Remanso is the rain forest vacation you are looking for. Sandy beaches, rivers, forest trails, tree climbing, waterfall rappelling and some of the worlds best wildlife viewing. The Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica is one of the world's most beautiful pristine tropical rain forest where you can see vast amounts of wildlife and botanical treasures. Scarlet macaws, toucans, parrots, four species of monkeys, five species of wild cats, kinkajous and much more can all be seen from El Remanso. We offer three luxurious cabins situated with ocean and forest views where you can experience the rain forest at it's best in comfortable and spectacular lodging. The Osa Peninsula is located half way between the town of Puerto Jimenez and the famous Corcovado National Park and is easily reached. It's 160 acres are surrounded by ancient forest and its endlessly fascinating and amazing jungle and wildlife.

El Remanso is included in the Osa National Wildlife Refuge which now includes about 7,500 acres and is protecting the biological corridor of Corcovado National Park and Cabo Matapalo. Recent sightings include jaguars, ocelots and several species of rare endemic birds. If you want to experience the splendors of nature at it's best while relaxing comfortably you will love El Remanso. If you are adventurous you may want to experience the forest canopy by climbing to the platforms in the trees for exhilarating views. Waterfalls on the property can be enjoyed by short hikes or a four hour trip rappelling down a series of four falls and through shady pools.


  • Your privacy and enjoyment are our foremost concern.
  • In addition to the three cabins, there is a house which accommodates four to eight people. All have impressive forest and or ocean views.
  • Each cabin is fully screened, private bath, electricity provided by a micro-hydroelectric plant, queen and single bed, hammocks and there is an ocean and forest view from the front porch.
  • Each cabin is is equiped with hot water.
  • Your cabin is a perfect retreat for reading, meditating, writing, studying, research or just relaxing.
  • The hours are yours - you choose how to spend your time.


From the bounty of the seas to the richness of the gardens, our Costa Rican chef will delight you with his creations of the best "tica" , international or vegetarian meals.

We serve fresh caught mahi mahi, marlin and tuna from the local fishermen, to avocados, papayas and mangoes just picked from the tree to the most delicious exotic fruits, many of which you may never have heard of. Delicious deserts, herbal teas and fresh juices will round out your culinary experience.

At El Remanso every effort is made to provide delightful meals to please our guests.

The dining terrace overlooks the forest in all its splendor, and provides a ringside seat for marvelous sunsets over the ocean.

All our meals are included in the price.

Natural juices, pineapple, papaya, banana, mango watermelon...are free.

Alcohol is extra.


The beautiful wild trail through the forest to the beach opens onto the wide immensity of the Pacific Ocean, with a fringe of coconut palms framing the scene.

Discover the incomparable natural warm pools at low tide. The delight of every visitor.

A magnificent seventy foot waterfall will give you the best massage of your life.

And when you return from your afternoon journey through the rainforest, relax in a lovely and refreshing pool, surrounded by orchids, fluttering butterflies, and exquisite painted angels.


This is not climbing the apple tree in your back yard! We take you soaring to the loftiest levels to experience the best of the rainforest.

Experience the grandeur of 180 foot tall giants while sitting in a safe and comfortable platform or hammock in their branches.

The forest vegetation takes on a totally different perspective as you look down and through the canopy seeing the flowers, fruits and vines.

Safety is taken very seriously here, so we only use top of the line climbing and arborist equipment kept in good condition and used properly. Conscientious instruction and guiding will provide you with a safe and comfortable experience. While off the ground you remain safely harnessed and attached to ropes, cables, safety lines, carabiners, ascenders and blocks.

We offer different levels of climbing depending on your physical condition and enthusiasm.

The easiest is a slow speed zip line cable where you just sit and enjoy the view. This takes you from your cabin to a 120 foot high platform which gives you spectacular birding ad wildlife sightings. A little more strenuous is the technique of ascending a rope with mechanical ascenders attached to your harness using you legs for the power to ascend 100 or more vertical feet.

For a full day you can combine a tree climbing and waterfall rappelling trip. Enjoy the best of the canopy and the canyon in one unforgettable day.

For a real thrill of discovery you can climb a tree that has never been climbed before and see a unique new view. Go into the forest with a bow and arrow attached with fishing line. Choose the branch, shoot and pull the climbing rope up with a cord attached to the fishing line. Put on the harness and ascending gear and head up the rope. Once on top, sit on the branches or relax in a special tree hammock and enjoy the view.

Our new Senderos de Monos (Monkey Trail) will take you on a series of zip lines to different platforms through the tree tops.

Special rates can be applied for groups or for those individuals who want to do multiple climbs. This can be particularly useful for photographers, naturalists and those that participate in our tree identification course.

For the real tree climbing enthusiast we have a one week TREE CLIMBING COURSE for in depth instruction and training.


El Remanso features many different activities which will show you the best of the rainforest and ocean in a fun and spectacular way.

Our specialty, for the most adventurous, is waterfall rappelling and tree climbing. Rappelling, also known as abseiling or canyoning allows you to experience the wild river canyon at El Remanso descending by rope and harnesses down a series of four waterfalls. Four hours of adventure amidst a truly beautiful deep forest setting, with many pools for cooling off in.

Tree climbing is an adventure sport which is becoming increasingly popular for recreation and canopy studies. The views of the forest and sea from the trees at El Remanso are spectacular. Feel the exhilaration of being with monkeys swinging through the branches, parrots feeding and hawks swooping in a way that can not be imagined by the earthbound.

  • Tree climbing ($75 half day)
  • NEW: TREE IDENTIFICATION COURSES - Costa Rica's leading expert on the trees of the Osa Peninsula will be teaching on a regular basis. See WHATS NEW for more information on content and scheduling.
  • Wild life and bird watching. (Self tour or $20 with guide)
  • Hiking on forest and beach trails (Self tour or $20 with guide)
  • Waterfall Rappelling ($75 half day)
  • Canopy and Canyon, Tree Climbing and Waterfall Rappelling ($150)
  • Horse back riding ($35 half day)
  • Tide pool swimming and waterfall (Self tour)
  • Botanical Tours (Self tour or $20 with guide)
  • Kayaking ($35 plus taxi)
  • Sport Fishing (From $100 to $600)
  • Surfing ($60 for lesson)
El Remanso
Room Rates
High Season
December 1, 2004
to May 14, 2005
Green Season 2004
August 1, 2004 to
November 30, 2004
DELUXE CABINA - La Vainilla Double occupancy: $125 per person/night
Single: $154
$69 per person / night
STANDARD CABINA - Azul de Mar, El Lucero or La Caramba
Double occupancy: $101 per person/night
Single: $130
Quadruple occupancy: $90 per person/night
Double occupancy: $85 per person/night
No single.



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