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EcoLodge San Luis & Biological Station
Come experience the stunning cloud forest scenery, extraordinary biodiversity, comfortable facilities and accommodations, stimulating company, and world-class programs of Ecolodge San Luis & Biological Station. Directed by tropical biologists, the project integrates education, research, ecotourism, and community relations, and offers a wide range of activities for academic groups and general audiences alike. Situated on a working tropical farm at the head of the San Luis Valley, the property borders the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve and the Children's International Rainforest, and shares with them a stunning diversity of wildlife. Ecolodge San Luis & Biological Station has been recognized as a model of sustainable tropical ecotourism. Please read on·

All accommodations are newly-built, comfortable, and immaculate. Three kinds of lodging are available:

Cabina rooms - spacious, well-appointed accommodations nestled among the trees, with private baths, balconies, and a covered terrace overlooking the San Luis River gorge. Twelve cabina rooms sleep up to 3, 4, or 5 people each. Located an 8-minute walk along a country road from the dining hall, classroom, and other lodgings.

Bungalow rooms - comfortable, roomy lodgings with private baths and a covered veranda. Four bungalow rooms sleep 4-5 people each. Located close to the bunkhouse, dining hall, and classroom.

Bunkhouse -- the most economical, mahogany paneled dorm rooms with bunkbeds and shared baths. Ideal for student groups and researchers. The bunkhouse is divided into 4 rooms, and sleeps a total of 30 persons. Located close to the bungalow, dining hall, and classroom.

Hearty Costa Rican country fare featuring farm-fresh ingredients is cooked over a traditional wood stove and served family-style at long tables in the company of scientists, students, and guests in the airy, book-lined dining hall.

An open-air classroom and meeting hall is used for lectures, slide presentations, seminars, and a variety of hands-on activities. A small laboratory is used for student projects and research.

San Luis is unspoiled and undiscovered. You will be enchanted by the beauty and serenity of the region; the dedication and professionalism of the staff; and the warmth and hospitality of the community as a whole.

Come to Ecolodge San Luis and discover tropical nature and Costa Rican rural culture in the company of our superb team of expert resident naturalists. All our guides are active researchers, eager to share their knowledge and enthusiasm. Immerse yourself in hands-on activities, learn about tropical ecology, and experience Costa Rican life first-hand. The wide range of activities includes:

- Guided and solo walks on our extensive trail system
- Lectures, seminars, and slide presentations
- Tropical farm activities, coffee picking, milking
- Hands-on laboratory and field activities
- Reforestation projects
- Spanish language workshops
- World-class birdwatching with expert guides
- Swimming under the San Luis waterfall
- Horseback riding
- Tours of the medicinal garden
- Guided night hikes
- Cloud forest photography
- Cooking and dance workshops
- Volleyball with staff and neighbors
- Volunteer research participation
- Fiestas with the San Luis community
- Homestays with local families

Day-trips to Monteverde and Santa Elena, the Skywalk canopy bridges, Skytrek zipline, butterfly garden, hummingbird gallery, Monteverde Cheese factory, CASEM women's crafts cooperative, and more·

·Or relax with a book in a hammock, distracted only by the call of toucans·

Effective July 1, 2005- June 30, 2006

Rates are per person/per night and include lodging, all meals and most activities on site such as guided hikes, workshops, lectures, slide presentations, etc.

Rates do not include: taxes (add 13.13% to the fees below), transportation, entrance fees to other attractions in the area, nor additional services and associated fees (see details below).

Rates for academic programs

The UGA San Luis Research Station offers two types of accommodations for academic groups:

1. Twelve comfortable student dormitories with capacity for up to 48 people (with 4 students per room).
Daily fee: $50 per person, per night, plus taxes

2. One student bunkhouse with capacity for up to 22 students
Daily fee: $40 per person, per night, plus taxes

Rates for public visitors

The UGA San Luis Research Station offers two types of accommodations for public visitors:

1. Twelve comfortable cabinas
Daily fees:

  • Single Occupancy: $85.00 per person, per night, plus taxes
  • Double Occupancy: $80.00 per person, per night, plus taxes
  • Each Additional Occupant: $35.00 per person, per night, plus taxes

2. Four of the twelve spacious student dormitories are equipped with one double bed, one single and one bunkbed. These dormitories can be reserved by public visitors, depending on availability.

Daily fees:

  • Single Occupancy: $65.00 per person, per night, plus taxes
  • Double Occupancy: $60.00 per person, per night, plus taxes
  • Each Additional Occupant: $35.00 per person, per night, plus taxes

3. Rates for children varies according to age:

  • 0-3 years: $0.00 per person, per night, plus taxes
  • 4-6 years: $10.00 per person, per night, plus taxes
  • 7-13 years: $30.00 per person, per night, plus taxes

Note: Because of the large variety of activities offered, it is highly recommended to stay at least three nights.

Additional services and associated fees at the UGA San Luis and Research Station (not included in the daily fee):

  • Internet: $5.00 per hour
  • Laundry service: $8.00 per load (wash and dry)
  • Volunteering ($75 per month)
  • End of program Fiesta: $100
  • Arrangement of logistics, transportation and academic programs at: EARTH University, CATIE, La Selva Biological Station, Rara Avis Biological Station, San Miguel Biological Station at Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve, any other biological/research station or academic, conservation or governmental organizations in Costa Rica.
    • Program duration of 10 days or less in Costa Rica: $50
    • Program duration of 11 to 30 days in Costa Rica: $100
    • Program duration of greater than 30 days in Costa Rica: $150
      • Transportation and off-site hotel and entrance fees are not included in this fee structure (when they apply).  For current cost information, please request a quote.
      • SLRS is not responsible for payments to other providers. All fees for other attractions and activities must be paid directly to the service provider.
      • Off site visits to other attractions and activities are provided by third parties.  Participation in these activities and attractions releases and forever discharges UGA Ecolodge & Research Station S.A. from any liability.

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