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Saling is my life

Hotels Islands

Trogon Lodge

Trogon LodgeExperience a close encounter with the Phoenix of our tropical cloud forest, the Quetzal (holy bird of the Mayans), on the nature trails of the Trogon Lodge, perched 7000 feet above sea level near Cerro de la Muerte in San Gerardo de Dota.

Located in San Gerardo de Dota, approximately 85 km southeast of San Jose, on a family farm in the mountains at 7,000 ft. altitude, with a crystal clear river running through the property. Guest accommodations include 10 rooms, each with private baths, hot water and heating. Delicious home-cooked meals are served in a family-style restaurant.

Trogon Lodge in San Gerardo de DotaThe cozy and relaxing atmosphere of the Trogon Lodge makes every guest feel right at home. The beautiful surroundings provide a unique opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, as well as discover the wonders of Costa Rica’s ecology.

Rio Macho Forest Reserve

Visit the highlands of the Talamanca Mountain range, the oldest geological formation in Costa Rica. The Rio Macho Forest Reserve is Costa Rica’s largest protected area, composed of 13 different units for a total of over 200,000 acres. This area is home to an immense variety of flora, and an ecological niche in which the quetzal (holy bird of the Mayan culture) may be seen year-round.

Birds . . . Rivers . . . Wildlife . . . Unique FloraExperience a close encounter with the Phoenix of our Tropical Cloud Forest, the most beautiful bird of the new world. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to spot the rare quetzal in a tranquil environment, very similar to that of the world famous Monteverde, but even better!

Rio Macho Forest Reserve is the natural habitat for a great diversity of flora and avifauna . . . some of the plant species include the cipresillo (oak – querquis costaricensis), mountain needle, and blueberry, all endemic to this area. Also to be found are hundreds of species of bromeliads, lichens, mosses, ferns and a multitude of orchids and colorful flowers such as gesnerids. In addition to the quetzal, you can also observe trogons, the unique silky fly-catcher, coppery headed emerald hummingbirds, cerise-throated hummingbirds and the peg-billed finch, all of which are endemic, found only in this part of the world.

This is the perfect spot for the nature lover.

Tours Click here for a list of the tours available to Trogon Lodge

A room at Trogon LodgeThis area has been researched for years by our most dedicated expert naturalists, who discovered this rare ecological niche in which these birds may be found year round. You are invited to hike this niche, part of the largest protected area in all of Costa Rica (a total of 95,000 hectares are protected in 13 different units.) The area we will visit is one of the highest points in the Talamanca Mountain Range, a large tectonic formation reaching 10,000 feet above sea level and forming part of the Continental Divide.

You will be overwhelmed by the variety of flora and avifauna in this area . . . the montane oak forest, which is the principal forest type of high elevations. The dominant trees are magnificent oaks reaching 125 feet in height, like the wild brazilletto and winter’s bark tree.

A rustic bridge over a woodland streamThe understory has an abundance of moss festoons, bromeliads with red pigmented leaves, like the escalonia. This makes a perfect environment for the crowned wren thrush, large-footed finch, and sooty robin, just to name a few species. Two basic horseback riding tours provide excellent riding for both experienced and inexperienced riders. Both tours feature scenic trails through this natural paradise. For the hiker there are paths along the rivers and lakes that offer much more than the quetzal in this magnificent reserve. All tours can be arranged through the Lodge.

Trogon Lodge Rates:

Dec 1, 2003 – Nov 30, 2004
Prices per night/person/room.Tax included.


Dec 1, 2004 – Nov 30, 2005
Room Type
Junior Suite
Prices per night/person/room.Prices + tax


Tax included.

Grupo Mawamba
Trogon Lodge | Mawamba Lodge | Rio Danta Restaurant
 Tours Available

Hotels Islands


Live a great adventure in a very exotic place surrounded by wonderful rainforest, but with comfort. Come and visit Atlantida Lodge, located on the caribbean coast of Costa Rica, a Central American country well known by its beautiful natural scenery, its huge National Parks, the peaceful life style and the traditional democratic regime.Atlantida Lodge is an exquisite place that captures the laid back caribbean atmosphere of Costa Rica, in a beautiful, private Jungle Lodge setting.The front desk is a “Tropical Adventure Center “that will personally arrange for the Adventure of your choice. Ideally located directly in front of the beach, Atlantida Lodge is a place to relax after enjoying the several exiting activities.Magnificent tropical gardens surround the Lodge.The rooms have comfortable beds.All rooms have private bathroom with hot water shower.In front of the beach with 30 rooms The Hotel has a big variety of services: Bar, Restaurant, Swimming pool, Gym, Massage ,Excursion desk, Boutique, meeting room, Landry.Communication are easy,we have Phone ,Fax and E mail. Friendly and efficient staff will make you feel at home at Atlantida Lodge.

You have the choice.You can enjoy relaxing in ours gardens, lay down in the hammocks or around the pool.The efficient and friendly staff will make your stay the most memorable.Or you can take the opportunity off being in a so rich and dense environment to go for our Soft Adventure.

We are waiting for you at our front desk to plan the most exciting natural adventures: Horse ride tour that will take you to a beautiful waterfall in the middle of the jungle. Join our tour to the indian reservation of Bri Bri. Visit our wonderful orchid farm and feel breathless with such beauty.

Watch the most attractive birds at the “Aviarios del Caribe”. Water rafting at the Reventazon and Pacuare Rivers. Visit the biological reserve Hitoy-Cerere. Live a unique experience cruising along the Tortuguero Canals. Dive on the beautiful reefs of the Cahuita National Park. Surf is very exciting in the warm waters of our blue ocean. Live the tree-climbing experience.

Located in Cahuita on the Caribbean cost of Costa Rica.Atlantida Lodge is easy to reach.

Rent a car:
 You can rent a car on your arrival in San Jose. 4 wells drive can be fun but they are not necessary in our area. If you would like to have a map to help you coming here write us we will e mail it to you.

If you need more information ,do not hesitate to communicate . We will be glad to help you in planning your vacation in Costa Rica.

From 15 Dec to 14 Abril

  • Single $45.00
  • Double $55.00
  • Triple $65.00
  • Quad $65.00

From 15 Abril to 14 de Dec

  • Single $35.00
  • Double $45.00
  • Triple $55.00
  • Quad $50.00

All Rates are in U.S. $